Face – Pigmentation

Obagi Clear

Repair damage surface of the skin by correcting hyperpigmentation, and  uneven skin tone by lightening dark areas of the skin.


Obagi Blender

When mixed with tretinoin it repairs deeper layer damage of the skin by restoring skin elasticity by enhancing the production of Collagen and Elastin at the same time lightens dark areas of the skin by evenly distributing the melanin in your skin.


Licoforte 4% Gel

Unique combination of hydroquinone and glycolic acid to target hyperpigmentation.

The gentle exfoliating properties from glycolic acid and citric acid increase the penetration of hydroquinone into the epidermis, allowing if to reach deeper into skin cell layers and melanocytes.



Brightalive™ uses a multi-vectored skin pigment management approach using clinically proven alpha-arbutin and bio-engineered plant phytotechnology to inhibit melanin production. Ultra stable vitamin C and an advanced exfoliating enzyme help reverse uneven pigmentation and encourage epidermal renewal for even skin tone and texture. A combination of the latest advances in peptide science, along with hexylresorcinol, soy, and licorice root, help block skin’s biochemical messengers to control melanocytes, the skin cell responsible for skin pigment development.


Pigment Bar

This cleansing bar uses a blend of kojic acid and azelaic acids to reduce hyperpigmentation.

Ideal for removing acne spots on back and body.


Heliocare Oral Ultra

Heliocare oral ultra protects and repair skin from the cellular damage caused by UV rays and free radicals. An essential supplementation during sun exposure for those with hyperpigmentation.


Pynocare White

Is an advance and clinically proven oral formulation that protects the skin against photo-aging, uneven skin tone and pigmentation. It combines proprietary formulation of MSCC Complex Actisome, Lucent-P and Lycoskin. 75% reduction in the size and intensity of pigmentation after 8 weeks usage.

“What is MSCC Complex Actisome?”

MSCC Complex Actisome is a special combination of natural plant and seaweed extracts,

Providing a source of powerful antioxidants with strong anti-inflammatory properties that is over 50 times more potent than Vitamin C and E in combination. It works together with your body to fight against skin pigmentation, combat free radicals, effectively while enhancing the skin’s natural repair process.



This product clinically proven to lighten skin and improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation through the use of a proprietary peptide technology (decapeptide-12) developed at Stanford University. A non hydroquinone based formula does not cause irritation and is safe for prolonged use.