Hair – Hair Loss Female & Male

Hair Loss (Female/Male)

There is finally a solution for both male and female hair loss.

Hormones play a part in most cases of hair loss. Thus, the medication required for stimulating hair regrowth can only be dispensed by a physician. This would explain why most people have had no success with the procedures offered by various hair loss establishments.

Applying medical know-how and new aesthetic techniques, we have been able to stop hair loss as well as achieve good hair regrowth.

A medical assessment as well as hormonal assay is required to assess the patient’s particular cause of hair loss.

Treatment comprises of medical-grade shampoos and lotions. Good results have been achieved through a new technique of micro-infusion, using our specially formulated hair regrowth cocktail of essential vitamins and minerals. Several sessions are required to achieve the desired result.

Alopecia areata is specific condition where there is a small patch of hair loss. Quick recovery can be achieved through micro-injections of steroids.



GROWELL is a topical solution (i.e. for external application) containing minoxidil, which is an established medical ingredient for the treatment for common hair loss.

iGrow is the only home-based laser treatment guaranteed to give you fuller, thicker hair. Some products use either lasers or LEDs, but iGrow uses both. The light and laser stimulate the hair cells to grow. Hormone-related hair loss in both men and women is a chronic problem and difficult to treat, but iGrow is ideal as it enhances the effect of any medical hair loss treatments.