Laser Hair Removal

It is the answer to a permanent solution for unwanted hair.

What is so attractive about laser hair removal is that there will never be a need to worry about or rush to remove unslighly hair just before that important function, interview or just daily for self esteem. You will be able to wear skirts or dresses and show off the smooth hairless legs and not hide the legs in pants. In case of the men they can show off a hairless back when at the beach or by the pool.

The usual areas requested for hair removal in females are face, chin, jawline, upper and lower lips, legs, bikini area, under arms, forearms, nipples, buttocks and belly.

The areas requested for hair removal by men are backs, chest , earlobes and face. Some request for reduction of thick beard so that the beard is finer and grows slower so that shaving frequency and time are reduced.


Laser hair removal is highly recommended if you have scars, burns, darkening of the skin, rash after traditional methods of hair removal, such as waxing, shaving or electrolysis. Laser hair emoval is the only answer for ladies with thick hair on the chin, jawline, face, nipples, legs and belly as these areas are influenced by hormones and the hair is thick and resistant to other forms of hair removal. Moreover the thick hair leaves unsightly dark patches due to frequent attempts at removal.

Shaving is allowed between treatments so as to be hair free. The shaving does not result in thicker hair growth, as the laser weakens or kills the hair root and the hair either stops growing or grows but finer.

Laser hair removal is one of our core expertise…espescially for tanned complexions.

We have had a long practise of laser hair removal and able to provide definite results with no complicatons of scars due to burns. We differ from non- medical establishments offering similar sevice by the quality of the machine and the medical knowledge backing the treatment.

We have both Cutera Nd-Yag laser as well as the Lightsheer Diode laser. Both laser machines are the best in the world and specific for hair removal. The sessions required to reduce or clear unwanted hair with these laser machines are far less, thus the results are fast and the cost minimized.

Several sessions are required because of the hair-cycle.

  • We remove hair fom any part of the body except around the eyes.
  • Advised not to sun-tan, wax or pluck hair before treatment.
  • No downtime, minimal redness and in expert hands no complications of burns.