Eye Wrinkles

The first sign of aging in a face are fines lines at the corner of the eye (Crow’s feet). This is followed by eyelid skin becoming loose and textured like crepe paper. Lines appear because of reduction in collagen and elastin in the skin which occurs with aging. Once lines appear it is time really to start active anti aging treatments.

Botox remove lines within 5-7 days of injection. This is a good treatment for immediate solution. Botox injections have to be repeated every3-4 months. Botox injections over time reduce the depth and number of lines.

Chemical Peels give a more effective anti aging solution to lines because the procedure stimulates collagen. There are many types of peels to address the various severity of lines

Fillers are ideal for the lines that occur under the eye and spreads over the cheekbone. Botox in this area is tricky as it could affect muscles affecting movement of the mouth. Fillers not only fill out lines but stimulate collagen. Over time the lines improve greatly. Only hyaluronic acid fillers are used in this area.

Radiofrequency (RF) stimulates collagen production. Thermage Eye is the only tightening procedure that can treat eyelids safely and effectively. It treats excess skin on upper eyelid known as hooding. Smoothen the crepey skin so that make up does not cake up on the skin anymore. The eye does brighter and more defined after tightening of skin around the eye.

Cosmeceutical Creams containing Retinol, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid and Growth peptides help to reduce lines. The use of eye creams boost effect of anti aging procedures and maintain the effect of a rejuvenated skin after procedures.