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HIFU Treatment (Doublo Gold)

HIFU  (Doublo Gold) Treatment for Face and Neck Tightening

Doublo Gold is the latest generation of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology from Hironic, the pioneer of HIFU in Korea. It delivers focused thermal energy through the skin layers, safely reaching the SMAS to promote collagen regeneration.

How Does HIFU – Doublo Gold Work?

Doublo Gold uses High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) energy to penetrate under 3~4.5mm of dermis layer and SMAS layer with damage-free to your skin and creates a part of thermocoagulation smaller than 1mm. Thermocoagulation helps to contracts the sagging skin tissue and lifts up the skin. Over the next 1-3 months, elastin and collagen are produced to maintain the lift.

For What Conditions Is HIFU – Doublo Gold Treatment Recommended?

Sagging Cheeks and Jawline
Sagging Doublo Chin
Deep Naso Labial Lines
Sagging Skin on Neck

When Can Results Be Seen?

The tightening and lifting are seen immediately and the effect improves gradually over 3 months.

How Many Sessions Is Required?

The effect of Doublo gold can be seen after 1 session. The second session in a year is recommended to increase the tightening and lift. Recommended repeating every year to maintain and further improve facial tightening. This because ageing cannot be stopped but procedures can reverse and/or slow down the effect of ageing.

Is HIFU – Doublo Gold Treatment Safe?

The procedure is safe. The effects of post-procedure are
– skin redness just after the treatment that lasts 1-2 days
– swelling for a few days
– slight numbness and/or tingling sensation for a few days

Does the procedure affect daily life activities?
There is no downtime and the patient may get back to normal daily life activities immediately.