Acne Treatment - Aesthetic Clinic Singapore


Acne is a chronic, inflammatory skin disease. 85 per cent of people suffer from acne. Acne presents as spots or pimples on face, neck, chest,

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Acne Scar Treatment - Aesthetic Clinic Singapore

Acne Scars

Acne is usually a temporary problem, but acne scars usually become permanent. Acne scars cause significant psychological stress and affects one’s self esteem. Scars occur

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Botox - Aesthetic Clinic Singapore


Botox is an injectable drug made from a toxin but does not have the life-threatening effect of the toxin, due to the diluted form as

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Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

We have an extensive range of chemical peels that include: Glycolic Acid (Neostrata) Salicylic Acid (PCA) TCA (Trichloroacetic acid)…

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Dark Eye Circles Treatment

Dark Eye Circles

Dark circles under the eye are common and causes frustration due to the perpetual look of tiredness and need to apply lots of concealers every

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Face Fillers - Aesthetic Clinic Singapore


What Are Fillers? Fillers are gel-like substance made mainly of hyaluronic acid injected under the skin to fill out wrinkles and add volume to soft

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Hollywood Facial - Aesthetic Clinic Singapore

Hollywood Facial

A lunchtime ‘Hollywood Effect’ Facial An A-list favourite. 3 all-time favourite procedures are combined to leave the skin glowing and at the same time reverse

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Liquid Lift

Ageing of skin results in wrinkles due to loss of collagen and elastin, sagging due to both laxities of skin and loss of volume under

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Medi Facial

Medical Facials

What is the difference between a medi facial and a facial in a beauty parlor? Medi Facial or Medical Facial use machines and products that

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Melasma Treatment


A disfiguring, a chronic and challenging skin condition that presents as a brown to grey-brown patches mainly on upper cheeks, forehead, bridge of the nose,

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Pigmentation Treatment - Aesthetic Clinic Singapore


Pigmentary disorders cause psychological distress and negatively impact the quality of life of an individual. There are many different types of pigmentary disorders and best

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Rejuran - Aesthetic Clinic Singapore


Rejuran is a treatment that originated from Korea. It uses Polynucleotide (PN) which is an upgraded form of Polydeoxyribonucleotide…

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Silhouette Soft - Aesthetic Treatment

Silhouette Soft

Latest and most lasting non-surgical facelift for saggy jowls. Take 20 minutes and gives instant V facelift. Is Silhouette Soft Threads Safe? The Silhouette Soft

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Skin Boosters - Aesthetic Clinic

Skin Boosters

The secret to glowing youthful skin Ageing starts early in the mid-twenties! It starts as fine lines under and at the corners of the eyes

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Thermage for Face & Neck Tightening Thermage is a Gold standard non-invasive skin tightening treatment which has been successfully used for over 20 years. Thermage

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Aesthetic Clinic Singapore

V- Facial Slimming

A V-shaped or oval face is widely considered to be attractive and youthful. Recently popularised by South Korean pop stars, it is now amongst the

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