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PROFHILO is a revolutionary skin treatment that addresses skin laxity, dryness and ageing through the bio-stimulation of collagen, elastin and adipocytes(fat) stem cells that were lost through skin ageing.

Profhilo is indicated for both men and women.


Main component of Profhilo is hyaluronic acid (aka HA). HA is present naturally in our skin and plays important role in youthfulness of skin through natural hydrating properties, skin volume boosting and thereby lifting effect and firmness of skin.

Profhilo is neither a skin booster nor a filler because it combines effects of both in one unique product. It is considered a new class of skin injectable known as a skin bio-modelling product.

What’s Unique about PROFHILO?

  • Formulated with unique patented NAHYCO Hybrid Technology
  • Reaches multiple layers of the skin, targeting skin laxity and loss of collagen
  • Unique BAP( Bio Aesthetic Points) injection technique for optimal diffusion of product as well as lift of sagging tissues.
  • No Downtime.
  • Quick Lunchtime Treatment.
  • Clinically proven for safety, efficacy and bio-comparability
  • Addresses signs of ageing naturally
  • Uses 100% pure hyaluronic acid 
  • High hyaluronic acid concentration using 32mg of hyaluronic acid(high molecular weight( and 32mg of hyaluronic acid(low molecular weight)
  • Effective treatment for ageing crepey skin 
profhilo 5 face
Unique BAP 5 Point Technique of Injections on Face
BAP 10 Injection Points on the Neck
BAP 10 Injection Points on the Neck

Who Is The Perfect Candidate For This Procedure?

Those whose face, neck or hands have the following:

  • Wrinkles
  • Saggy skin
  • Dry and dehydrated skin
  • Require a Refreshed look

Take note that Profhilo is a treatment for subtle youthfulness and rejuvenating effects. If you require more dramatic effect or lift then dermal fillers would be ideal.

What Effects To Be Seen With PROFHILO

  • Refreshed and Hydrated : 20% increase in skin hydration
  • Lifted : 12x increase in collagen and elastin in the skin
  • Anti-aging : 8x more lasting in the skin than regular non cross linked hyaluronic acid
  • Brighter, smoother and tighter skin

The PROFHILO Procedure

Prior to treatment advised to refrain from alcoholic drinks 24 hours before treatment. If taking anti inflammatory medications and blood thinning supplements to stop several days before treatment.
  1. Anaesthetic cream is applied to area that is to be treated for 30 minutes. This is to ensure that treatment is comfortable
  2. Facial assessment is done before treatment.
  3. Markings are made to ensure precise points of injections for maximum effect.
  4. 5 points are marked on either side of face. In the neck 10 points are marked out.
  5. Injection is then done on each point.

Profhilo treatment takes about 30 minutes.

The recommended protocol is 2 treatments one month apart  for best results.

A top up treatment recommended every 6 months.

What To Expect After Procedure

There will be small swelling under the skin over the 10 points of injection. The swellings will disappear after 24-48 hours.

Do not apply make up on day of injection. Do not touch or put pressure on the points of injections.

Avoid any strenuous exercises, gym and saunas for few days.

What results should I expect to see?

A smoother, plumped up, radiant and dewy skin with minimised wrinkles, creases. The skin will look more lifted although results will be less dramatic compared to dermal fillers, but still noticeable. 

Comparison of treatments

profhilo vs dermal fillers
prophily vs rejuran vs skinboosters
the real profhilo