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Weight Loss Program

Adventures in Weight Loss is a weight loss program brought to Singapore through collaboration between The Lifestyle Clinic and the Australian creator of the weight loss program to provide a permanent solution to excess weight whether it is 4kg or 30kg and more.

It is a weight loss program that is planned to be more like an adventure into a whole new you. A healthier, slimmer, happier, younger-looking and feeling you.

What is Adventures In Weight Loss?

Adventures in Weight Loss is a weight loss program, best described as a modified Mediterranean diet, highly customised to your body exact needs, designed to decrease your body fat rapidly but safely while maintaining your muscle mass.

What is the problem with most diet programs?

Problems with most weight loss programs are:

  • That of a yo-yo dieting cycle in which there is the loss of weight and regaining weight easily as soon as you return to a normal diet.
  • Diet is too stringent and difficult to adhere to
  • The programs do not have support to monitor, advise and motivate.
  • A doctor is not involved in the diet program. Doctor’s involvement is important because there are medical conditions such as hypothyroidism that will not allow weight loss and can only be detected through a medical history, examination and confirmed by a blood test

Who will benefit from Adventures in Weight Loss?

  • Anyone who is overweight
  • Suffering from knee, hip or ankle problems due to excess weight
  • Ideal weight loss program for those whose weight gain is due to hormonal imbalance as in after childbirth, menopause or polycystic ovarian syndrome

Why is this program different from other diet programs?

  • The diet plan is implemented by a doctor. There are many medical conditions such as hypothyroidism that can prevent weight loss and has to be checked out by a doctor through history, physical examination and blood investigations.
  • The plan is customised to your body based on the blood test
  • The AWL diet plan comprises of 2 diet plans. In phase 1 diet plan is to reach ideal BMI. In diet plan 2 or phase 2 the plan is created in such a manner to ensure that you gradually can go back to a normal diet with no rebound increase in weight and most important is this phase 2 ensures that you maintain that weight loss.
  • Education about weight management so that weight be keep off forever
  • A weight management specialist to monitor and support through the program
  • High-quality supplements to assist in weight loss
  • The diet plan acts as a gentle detox over a period of time, allowing your body to heal itself and increase the metabolism
  • Sagging of skin post weight loss is minimised due to the antioxidant supplements and healthy type of food in the diet.
  • Diet comprises of only healthy food ( no milkshakes etc)
  • Exercise is allowed and encouraged

Reasons NOT to be overweight

  • Obesity is associated with many illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, kidney and liver diseases.
  • Excess weight affects the joins and results in osteoarthritis of knee hip and ankle leading to difficulty walking.
  • Body pain and difficulty with physical functioning
  • Low quality of life
  • Sleep apnea
  • Increase incidence of cancer