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Men too want to look good. There has been a growing demand for male aesthetic treatments. Men are now wanting healthier blemish and scar free skin, no more saggy jowls and stop balding and regrow scalp hair. The toll of stress at work, sleepless nites, smoking and aging have prompted men to seek help to rejuvenate their skin.

Most of the treatments for men are tailored to ensure no downtime but delivers results.

Profhilo for men

PROFHILO is cutting edge, anti ageing, injectable treatment for men. The treatment is based on hyaluronic acid to treat skin laxity and wrinkles. It’s the ideal treatment for rejuvenation of an ageing face with no downtime. Read more on Profhilo.


Acne affects not just women but men’s confidence too. It affects from age of puberty where it is mainly nodular cystic acne and such breakouts can persist up to mid thirties. Such form of acne is unsightly and leaves scars. It can affect the face, chest, back and buttocks. There are treatments now available to end breakouts with no down time such as Isotretinoin. Isotretinoin is recommended for persistent and nodular cystic acne and at end of treatment there is no or very low recurrence. There is also end to daily application of many types of acne lotions. Read more on Acne

Medi-Fcials are are popular as it not only cleans, extracts, hydrates the skin but treats the skin for acne and aging and with no downtime. Read more Medical facial
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Acne Scars

A common request is treatment of acne scars. Men seek smoother skin and there are many treatments available to achieve that. Read more


Pigmentation affects mainly older, darker skin individuals and those who are working outdoors or indulge in outdoor sports like golfing. Present mainly as dark patches on forehead and cheeks. Sun damaged skin could also be covered with solar keratotic lesions. Effective treatment be chemical peels and/or Q switch laser treatment with lightening creams and sunscreen. Read more on Pigmentation


Dull Complexion

Aging, smoking, lack of sleep can result in a lustre less skin. Monthly Medical facials are ideal as they have no downtime, repairs and gives the skin a healthy blemish free appearance. Read more Medical Facials

Hair Loss

Most men will suffer from hair loss and is distressful. Most common cause is male-pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia, a genetic trait that comes from parents. The degree of hair loss varies. Hair loss starts sometime in the twenties and gradually occurs over 20-30 years. However some men go bald quickly within a few years. There are various treatments to stop hair loss and regrow hair. Read more

Laser Hair Removal

Permanent hair removal is getting popular with men and the reasons are:

  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Men are embarrassed with super hairy backs, stomach, chest or being hairy all over body . Most men will remove all hair on their backs whilst on the chest either completely or just thinning out of hair. It helps men feel confident especially at the beach or pool. Bodybuilders don’t want any hair on body so as to enhance muscle definition. Cyclist prefer removal of hair on lower body and legs as excess hair causes irritation with cycling kits. Laser treatment is also for the men who have hair on their earlobes, tip of nose or mid brow.
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  • Easier Facial Grooming
Having less facial hair reduces shaving time in the morning. Men are seeking to have a clean beard line get unwanted hair above a straight line at mid cheek and area below jawline removed.
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  • Hygiene
  • Excess hair results in body odour especially in the underarm

  • Ingrown hair
Laser is the only way to treat a condition called psedofolliculitis which presents as reddish or dark bumps around the hair follicles mainly on jawline. These are aggravated by shaving and laser resolves the problem. Laser is also only treatment for ingrown hair on face and neck. Laser is recommended for those who develop ingrown hair, acne and irritation after waxing or shaving. At the clinic we have lasers that can treat darker skin type safely and effectively. Read more on laser hair removal

Frown Line

Frown lines give the look of being angry. Again not an ideal look for meetings. The only solution is injection of neurological-modulators into muscles on the brow. Read more on Botox

Forehead Line

Too many lines can give an aged look. The lines can be soften by treatment with Botox injections. Read more on Botox


Sagging Face

Sagging of facial skin results in:

  • Dark eye circles – gives a man 24/7 the tired look, even when he is not tired This look is detrimental for the men at work. Treatment is filling out the hollowness with hyaluronic acid fillers. If there is associated hyperpigmentation then chemical peels with lightening creams are necessary. Read more
  • Jowls – Jowls gives the man an aged look. Skin tightening can be achieved with no down time using machines such as Thermage.
  • Double Chin – Sagging of skin under the chin with excess fat results in double chin. Thermage treatment results in skin tightening as well as reduction of fat. Read more on Thermage Face/Neck
  • Droopy Eyelids– Gives a tired and aging appearance. Thermage Eye tightens the skin around The Eye lifting the droopy eyelid as well as improving wrinkles and eye circles. Read more Thermage Eye


Excess sweating can be embarrassing due to sweat stain on shirt as well as body odour. Treatment is using micro doses of botox injected under the skin to reduce sweating.

Body Contouring

Been watching diet and exercising but unable to flatten the tummy bulge. Body contouring machines like Zimmer help to reduce fat bulges by destroying fat cells through use of cold energy ( cryolipolysis). Read more on Z Lipo

Body Contouring